Old School Is The Best School

Electronic Music Production and Sound Design

Does your project need an old school house / techno / acid track, John Carpenter / Tangerine Dream style synth soundtrack, or an ambient soundscape? If so you’re in the right place. I’ve been making electronic music longer than I’ve been making films. Not only that, I have vintage and modern hardware plus current software for electronic music production and sound design.

Soundscape commissioned for Linskill Centre in North Shields and funded by English Heritage.

I can do this as part of my video production service or to compliment your existing creative project. If you need a bespoke piece for venue installation I can do that too.  Most audio work can be done remotely if you require. However, if you are in the Newcastle area then it’s always good to discuss projects over a coffee.

YouTube player

The video above also features a track of mine. It was created by repurposing and editing unused footage from several previous projects. It’s worth pointing out I do have a distinctly lo-fi sound. So if a crunchy, dusty, old school analogue vibe is what you’re looking for you’re in luck. You can check out my music on Bandcamp.